Thursday, 28 June 2012

John Steinert Supervised Hiring Process With Potential Candidates

John Steinert is a dedicated individual, with excellent time management, prioritizing and multi-tasking skills. He is a highly organized person who has vast experience working as a visionary leader, a change agent, recruiter and trainer of talent, and as a management professional. He completed his Bachelors of Education degree in Secondary Education/History from Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois. From 1997 to 1999, he attended National-Louis University, Wheeling, Illinois to pursue his Masters of Education in Administrative/Educational Leadership. Over the years, he has gained high level of proficiency with Learning Management Systems such as Articulate, Moodle and Digital Chalk.

John Steinert wants to secure a leadership position that organizes and facilitates organizational training, solutions, support and development to get stronger business results. He developed and led a team of over 130 staff members including certified, non-certified and support staff. He identified potential candidates from different sources like databases, directories, ATS and personal networking. In addition to this, he was also responsible for supervising the hiring process with viable candidates from the very first point of contract through the acceptance of job offer. He helped other administrators learn about policies, processes and issues in human resource procedures, thus increasing efficiency in upper management leadership.

In addition to this, John Steinert provided coaching to the staff members so that they can efficiently work toward the achievement of organizational objectives and improvement plans. He helped increase the retention rate by 60 percent in 5 years, which resulted into significant budget and training savings for the organization. While working as a change agent, John identified and executed the needs for performance, training and educational programs, and at the same time recommended resources to achieve organizational goals and improve employee development.

John Steinert designed a state-of-the-art $425, 000 technology initiative which included the implementation of one-on-one netbook project within the delivery of strict curriculum. He also implemented a quality online evaluation system, with focus on varying everyday instructional practices, resulting into 20 percent increase in the achievement of goals. As a valued partner, he utilized collaborative approach to engage individuals and teams to attain common, shared objectives.

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