Friday, 15 June 2012

John Steinert Has Helped Teams And Individuals To Achieve Common And Shared Goals

John Steinert has gained huge recognition as a recruiter and trainer of talent. He led and developed over 130 staff members, including certified, non-certified and support staff. Steinert identified suitable candidates from databases, directories, personal networking, as well as ATS, and directed a hiring process with the potential candidates from the point of contact, through the acceptance of job offer. In addition to this, he also guided administrators on policies, process and issues in HR procedures, which played a vital role in increasing efficiency in upper management leadership.

Worked As A Social Studies Teacher At Woodland Middle School
John Steinert is an extensively experienced and a highly educated professional. From 1985 to 1989, he attended Erie High School in Erie, Illinois, whereby he was lettered in Football, Basketball, Track and Golf. Later in December 1993, he received his Bachelor of Education degree in History/Secondary Education from Trinity International University, and in June 1999, he received his Master of Education degree in Administrative/Educational Leadership, from National-Louis University in Wheeling, Illinois. From August 1994 to July 2001, he served as a Social Studies Teacher at Gurnee, Illinois based Woodland Middle School. Later in July 2001, he joined Highland Middle School in Libertyville as an Associate Principal, and served as the Principal of Deer Path Middle School, Lake Forest, Illinois, from July 2005 to November 2011.

Highly Detail Oriented
John Steinert, a successful professional, believes in developing strong interpersonal skills. Additionally, he is a good listener. He follows a collaborative approach, through which, he has helped teams and individuals to achieve common and shared goals. Steinert is highly detail oriented and has achieved huge success, owing to his exceptional time management, prioritizing and multi-tasking skills.

Contributes Towards Accomplishment Of Stronger Business Results
John Steinert is a visionary leader and is committed to securing a leadership position that plans, organizes and facilitates organizational training, solutions, support and development, and contributes towards the accomplishment of stronger business results. In addition to this, he is popularly known as a go-to-leader and has maintained a proven record of accomplishing leading key projects and managing several initiatives like education, research and support.

Possesses Effective Presentation Skills
John Steinert is a strong communicator, and possesses effective presentation skills, which have been proven through his teaching success. He has played a significant role in the accomplishment of the district goals and objectives. Furthermore, he has also been recognized several times by the senior management, for his outstanding performance and project management.

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