Friday, 13 July 2012

John Steinert has developed strong communication and interpersonal skills .

John Steinert served as the Principal of Deer Path Middle School, Lake Forest, Illinois, from July 2005 – November 2011. A visionary leader, change agent, recruiter and trainer of talent, and management professional, John is highly organized and detail oriented. He aims at obtaining a leadership position that plans, organizes and facilitates organizational training, solutions, support and development to obtain stronger business results. He is highly proficient with computers and has attended a large number of seminars including Train the Trainer, Managing Diversity, Instructional Design, Curriculum Development and Design, E-Learning development and Mentoring/Coaching. During his free time, he enjoys basketball, and golf. He loves to spend quality time with his family and also enjoys coaching his children’s sports teams.

John Steinert has worked as a visionary leader, change agent, recruiter and trainer of talent, and management professional. He has advanced skills in Applicant/Employee tracking systems like Applitrack, and Learning Management Systems such as Articulate, Moodle and Digital Chalk. Being a highly organized person, he identified, planned and executed needs for training, performance and educational programs, as well as recommended resources/vendors to achieve organizational objectives. He introduced and designed a technology initiative, as well as implemented online evaluation system which resulted into 20 percent increase in the achievement of goals. 

 Well regarded for his exceptional leadership abilities, JohnSteinert has proven track record of accomplishment regarding key projects and overseeing various initiatives like education, research and support. He has excellent listening skills, and an ability to learn new technologies and adapt to changing circumstances. He earned his Bachelor of Education degree in Secondary Education/History from Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois, and thereafter attended National-Louis University in Wheeling to pursue his Masters of Education in Administrative/Educational Leadership.  

Friday, 6 July 2012

John Steinert Provided Training On Staff Personality Assessments

John Steinert is a dedicated professional, with extensive teaching experience. He started his professional career working as a Social Studies Teacher at Woodland Middle School, Gurnee, Illinois. After that, he served Highland Middle School as Associate Principal from July 2001 to July 2005. Aside from that, he has also held the position of Principal at Deer Path Middle School, Lake Forest, Illinois, from July 2005 to November 2011. Over the years, he has developed strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a keen instinct for problem resolution. Being a highly organized person, he knows how to manage the time efficiently and prioritizing the important tasks.

John Steinert is a visionary leader who has helped achieve the organization’s goal of learning and provided leadership to shared decision making for strategic plans and improvement process. He designed, created and facilitated an array of curriculum learning opportunities, including e-learning as well as in-person lessons. He has proven record of success regarding supervising major projects and managing various initiatives related to research, education and support. Owing to his efficient leadership, the organization witnessed 5 percent improvement in Illinois standardized assessments and ranking in top 10 middle schools in the State of Illinois. He has also been a key stakeholder in the development of organization’s strategic plans, policies and objectives.

While working with educational institutions, John Steinert undertook a variety of management responsibilities including conducting employee evaluations as well as cross-training exercises for competency and efficiency. He wrote many grant applications that resulted into 625, 000 dollars being donated within 5 years for different organizational objectives. In addition to this, he conducted the ordering, training and implementation, and efficiently managed the budget of 500, 000 dollars. He facilitated and recommended budget and staff reductions of $250, 000 in operating expenses.

Due to his good performance, project management, development of employees and achievement of district goals, John Steinert has been appreciated by senior managers. He is a persuasive and influential communicator and has excellent presentation skills proven through his teaching success. He has complete knowledge of Learning Management Systems such as Articulate, Moodle and Digital Chalk.